Therapeutic Interventions Provided By OT4You


OT4You offers therapy sessions tailored to each individual and they may be conducted at our Bowen, Moranbah and Clermont clinics, the individual’s home, school within the community or via Telehealth. Outreach services are also available to surrounding communities. The location of the therapy intervention is determined by the needs of the individual and their family. Our therapists design a personal treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each individual. We are committed to helping your child develop into a strong, happy and confident individual.

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At OT4You, we are passionate about children’s health. Our Accredited Practising Dietitian provides dietary advice to support children and their families with eating well for growth and development, and managing health conditions and diseases.

Good nutrition is important in the management of a range of childhood conditions, including feeding and sensory issues, selective eating, food allergies and intolerances, digestive problems, weight concerns, diabetes and more. We give parents the confidence to know what nutrition is best for their individual child and offer practical support to achieve it.

At OT4You, we empower parents and families to connect joyfully with children through food. We understand that each child has a unique food journey, and we support them to become confident and competent eaters who do better nutritionally.

What does working with a dietitian look like:


Our OT4You dietitian also sees adult clients, and is able to provide tailored nutrition advice for treating a wide range of clinical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal concerns, food allergies and intolerances, weight concerns, nutrient deficiencies, diverticulitis, and renal conditions.

At OT4You, all clients have access to quality evidence-based care, no matter their body shape, size, ethnicity, ability, or gender identity.

Speech Pathology

Our OT4You speech pathologist provides services for children from birth through to young adults. We work closely with families to help close the gap on any communication difficulties and support children in our rural and remote communities. Weather it is assisting your child with talking, listening, reading, writing, feeding and swallowing, or developing friendships with others, our friendly team can help.

Our Speech Pathologist is skilled at engaging children with creative therapy based on best-practice. Our services include but are not limited to assessment, one-on-one and group interventions. These services may be provided in the clinic, school, home, community, outreach or via telehealth services.

By working closely with our families, our speech pathologist is able to give parents a better understanding of how children’s language develops and what you can do at home to support your child’s development.

Our team has a passion for helping children and will develop a plan suited to your child and family so that they may thrive and enjoy every aspect of their lives.